A Well Crafted & Fully Managed
WordPress Hosting Platform

OttoShift offer you everything you need to build a world-class WordPress site

Simple Dashboard. Manage everything from one single well-crafted dashboard.

Invite Your Team. Create unlimited sub-accounts for your team with custom-defined permissions.

Integrated Support. Our support team is just a click away, contact our team via live chat anytime.

Marvelous Cloud Infrastructure

OttoShift is built on Google Cloud, Amazon Web Service and IBM Cloud
which enables us to create the world-class WordPress hosting platform
which can deliver the maximum performance


OttoShift is carefully built on multiple enterprise-grade cloud platforms to ensure that our platform can scale in the future and meet new industrial demands. We use Google Cloud and IBM Cloud for computing and storage and AWS for hosting your WordPress websites DNS and backups.

Persistent SSD Storage. To ensure that your data is safe even during an hardware failure.

Fast And Reliable Network. Your WordPress website will be hosted in one of the fastest networks maintained by Google.

High Available Anycast DNS. AWS Route 53 is a premium DNS by Amazon, which is also our default DNS for new sites.

Feature Packed Platform

Our hosting platform offers everything you need to build and host a
world-class WordPress website without requiring any technical skills.
OttoShift is a lot more than just managed hosting


Build the perfect WordPress website you always wanted to build, OttoShift offers you everything you will ever need to make that WordPress website. Our feature-packed platform provides a ton of features like instant staging of your WordPress site, cloning your existing WordPress installation and a lot more

Fully Managed Updates. With OttoShift, you never have to worry about WordPress updates anymore. We've got you covered.

Manage Multiple Config Files. Create and manage multiple config files for your WordPress easily from our dashboard.

AWS S3 Daily Backup. Daily nightly full backups of your account on Amazon Web Service S3 which is retained for seven days.

Intelligent Staging Environment. Separate your production and development installation in a click, and push changes to the product installation also in a click.

Smart & Easy Cloning. Create a clone of your existing WordPress installation in a click without requiring to install a fresh copy of WordPress again.

Secure SFTP Access. Create and manage new and existing secure SFTP accounts for your service within clicks instantly.


Superfast CDN By

A CDN will supercharge your WordPress website and offer the fastest page
load time (<30 sec) by serving content to your visitors from one
of the nearest POP from our pool of 40 worldwide POPs

BunnyCDN CDN fully supports origin SSL to make sure that your WordPress content is safe and delivered safely to your visitors.

Your data is stored on premium NVMe/SSD storage for the lowest possible latency.

BunnyCDN CDN is future-ready and offers the best performance with full support for HTTP/2 and Brotli.

Using a CDN can also improve your websites SEO and decrease the bounce rate and increase conversions.

Integrate the CDN to your WordPress with a simple plugin in just a few clicks.

Need help with setting up your CDN? We are just a click away, contact us via live chat, and we will be happy to help you.

All Features

Everything else which is included with your subscription

Cloud Infrastructure

Persistent SSD Storage

Fast & Reliable GCP Network

DNS By AWS Route 53

Support Latest PHP Version

Containerised Environment

Auto-Scaling Technology

Powered By Google Cloud

AWS S3 Daily Backups

Superfast CDN By BunnyCDN

NGINX Edge & Redis Caching

Platform Features

Free Staging Environment

Dedicated Resource Usage

Managed Auto Updates

One Click Cache Flushing

Import Installations

Free SSL Certificates

Secure & Easy SFTP Access

One-Click WordPress Cloning

Instant phpMyAdmin Access

One Click Backup & Restore

Daily Automated Backups

Support & Security

Free Managed Migrations

Intercom Based Support

PCI Compliant Servers

Managed Security

Free Security Audit

Full Server Management

14 Days Refund Policy

UK/US Based Support Team

24x7 Support Availability

Account Features

Beautiful User Interface

Temporary Sub-Domain

Two-Factor Authentication

Credit Card/PayPal Payment

No Commitment Or Contract

Sub-Accounts For Your Team


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