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If you are wondering what OttoShift has got to offer


Enterprise Cloud

WordPress websites are hosted in the enterprise IBM cloud platform, along with AWS and GCP.

High Availability Infrastructure

Our HA architecture ensures that your WordPress website is hosted in a fault-tolerant environment.

Blazing Fast Load Speed

We use SSD storage and dynamic load balancing to ensure that your WordPress website loads quickly.

Premium Inbuilt CDN Coming Soon

Speed up your WordPress website with our enterprise content data network system soon.

Fully Scalable Platform

Scale your website instantly to handle sudden traffic spikes without worrying about downtime.


HTTP/2 Enabled

We've enabled HTTP/2 by default, which will significantly increase your WordPress website speed.

Free Staging / Cloning

Clone or create a full staging version of your WordPress in just a click, securely and quickly.

Instant Snapshots Creation

Create a snapshot of your current WordPress website & Database and restore snapshots instantly.

Daily AWS S3 Backup

We take daily nightly full backups of your WordPress websites on Amazon Web Service S3.

Managed WordPress Updates

We'll update your WordPress website as soon as new update releases, and our team tests it.

Multilevel Caching

Our in-house caching systems will ensure that your WordPress site always remains blazing fast.

Full PHP 7+ Support

OttoShift supports PHP 7, and we have optimized PHP processing specifically for WordPress hosting.

Themes & Plugins Manager

Install, manage, and update thousands of WordPress themes and plugins easily at OttoShift.

Import Existing WordPress

Import an existing WordPress website to OttoShift quickly all by yourself in a few clicks.

One Click Cache Flushing

Flush your WordPress websites cache in a click to load new changes made to it.

Config Manager

Manage multiple config files for your WordPress websites quickly without any text editor.


Web Application Firewall

Our advance inbuilt WAF can block all malicious connections before they hit your WordPress instance.

Regular Malware Scans

Our system conducts daily full malware scans on all WordPress sites hosted in OttoShift.

Two Factor Authentication

Enable an extra layer of security for your OttoShift account easily in just a click with our 2FA system.

Regular Security Audits

We conduct regular security audits of our platform, and we also have a responsible discloser program.

Free SSL Certificates

Install free SSL Certificates powered by Let's Encrypt instantly with a single click.

Containerised Environment

Your WordPress websites will be hosted in a separate instance with resources dedicated to you.


Free Team Accounts

Create and manage multiple team accounts to allow your coworkers to access your OttoShift service.

Free WordPress Migrations

We'll help you migrate your existing WordPress website to QOnflux for free of cost.

Free Service Transfers

Transfer your existing OttoShift WordPress hosting to another OttoShift account instantly for free.

Easy To Use Interface

Simple and easy to use dashboard offers everything you need to build your WordPress website.

14 Days Refund Policy

Try OttoShift with a peace of mind. You can always request a full refund within the first 14 days.

Unparalleled Support

We're always available around the clock to help you with your WordPress website on OttoShift.